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    What a great body and huge dick. Needs to work on those teeth though :/

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    so now this is most notes on a post ever..I just wish you could see me reach up and start choking the twink right before we both cum at the same time…..i worked on this clip to get it down to the 100mb under five minute rule tumblr has to upload videos and then can be watch on iphones…..obviously a lot of people with iphones are watching porn

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    Houston we have engaged !

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    nice facial

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    cum pig sucking and swallowing Rafael Alencar’s cum

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    FUCK!! i just love how the top fucks his mouth. and how the cocksucker knows how to relax his throat and let the other fuck his head as he will…….


    These 2 have done this before

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    it’s raining… cum!!


    Double helpings

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